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About Us

We’re a creative shop that uses content, tech, and design thinking to build systems for growth-focused B2B companies that drive sales and keep customers happy. Our simple 3-step process (adapt, activate, accelerate) makes your path to growth clear, achievable, and sustainable. Meet our team and learn how we leverage the right talent to make your project a success.

Who we are

I’m Jonathan Oldacre and I started Oldacre Agency in 2021. I thrive on helping businesses and entrepreneurs find the right marketing mix to drive the results they want.

I’m an East Tennessee native, a graduate of The University of Tennessee and Lincoln Memorial University, and I’ve spent most of my marketing career serving tech and software companies. I’ve been part of in-house marketing teams and played a leading role in executing agency work. Outside of digital marketing, I spent years in project management for regional branding and architectural signage projects.

From high-level branding and messaging initiatives for famous companies I can’t mention, to in-the-weeds tactical digital marketing planning and execution, I know how to bring the right skillsets together to achieve results.

Melanie Oldacre and I met in college and she probably never thought she would get roped into this adventure. Thankfully she handles important details like client success, challenging my bad ideas (few and far between), and generally keeping me in check so that Oldacre Agency can stay focused on delivering results for our clients. Most importantly, she’s a great wife, too.

Our Values


Let’s make something that matters. Whether we’re driving leads or designing your website, skill, care, and expertise come together to make your project a success.


Ask questions. Challenge existing ideas. Push the status quo. Be ready to break what doesn’t work and build something better.


Ideas, imagination and data can work together. Backed by best practice, we leverage digital channels and creative to make marketing that stands out.


Marketing works best when it builds a connection between your brand and the people you want to reach. Empathy and care are the predecessors of powerful marketing interactions.

The OA Network

We’re good at pulling together the right talent to deliver what you actually need at a fair price.

Deep project management expertise goes a long way in maintaining focus on your goals, executing strategies and tactics intelligently, setting expectations and delivering results.

With OA’s creative direction and access to a massive pool of talent, we match the right creatives, devs, strategists and more with the needs of your project. The result? Craft and creativity come together to make marketing work for your business.

More awareness. Better leads. Stronger revenue.

Setup your free strategy session, start a project, or get help for your existing team. Reach out here and we’ll get back to you in 1 business day or less.