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Hot Take: Low-code/ No-code is the Future

🔥 Hot take…

Low-code/no-code is the future 🚀.

I know… it’s not for every application, but I think for the vast majority of SMB use cases, it is.

Here’s a short list of tools that make getting work done way easier:

▪️ Notion (wiki, docs, projects, and more)
▪️ Airtable (projects and automations)
▪️ Bubble (apps)
▪️ ChatGPT (a pinch of everything)
▪️ Jasper (generative AI)
▪️ Webflow (visual builder for websites)
▪️ Squarespace (websites)
▪️ ClickUp (yep, PM software, but you sure can do a lot with it)

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